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Getting started with Kodjin FHIR Server

Welcome to the Kodjin FHIR Server Documentation. This online page provides instructions for commands, operations, examples and other information on how to work with the Kodjin FHIR Server. Among the topics covered are typical CRUD & Search operations, FHIR Resources, profiling, and terminology.

This document is useful for beginners and for advanced FHIR specialists.

Follow the links below to read the full Kodjin FHIR Server documentation. Our team is also available to provide a free demo of the Kodjin FHIR Server.

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Get Started

Detailed documentation for the Kodjin FHIR Server. Learn about Kodjin’s functionality, features, supported operations and commands, etc.


Get practical and useful tutorials on how to work with the Kodjin FHIR Server.

API References

Check out the supported APIs for the Kodjin FHIR Server.