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Operation $lookup

Given a code/system, or a Coding, get additional details about the concept, including definition, status, designations, and properties.


GET [fhir_base]/CodeSystem/$lookup

POST [fhir_base]/CodeSystem/$lookup

Query parameters

Query parameter Type Status Description
code code implemented The code that is to be located. If a code is provided, a system must be provided
system uri implemented The system for the code that is to be located
version string implemented The version of the system, if one was provided in the source data
coding Coding implemented A coding to look up
date dateTime not implemented The date for which the information should be returned.
displayLanguage code implemented The requested language for display (see $expand.displayLanguage)
property code implemented A property that the client wishes to be returned in the output. property set to * means all supported properties.


Example - use of $lookup

        "parameter": [
                "name": "name",
                "valueString": "v3.RouteOfAdministration"
                "name": "display",
                "valueString": "Chew, oral"
        "resourceType": "Parameters"