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Kodjin FHIR Server features

Below is an expanded list of all the features and capabilities of the Kodjin FHIR Server.

Core Functionality
  • create
  • read
  • vread (version read)
  • update
  • patch
  • delete: support of both soft and hard delete (incluiding history) to meet GDPR/HIPAA requirements
  • full support of profile extensions
  • GET
  • POST
  • _include, _revinclude
  • sorting
  • links
  • compartment search( support for all defined standard FHIR search parameters)

Extra features:
  • Declarative search framework and support for custom search parameters by adding SPs to the custom extensions.
  • Support of cursor and two types of offset paginations.
  • UCUM is a code system intended to include all units of measure contemporarily used in international science, engineering, and business. It provides a clear means of communication between different systems. UCUM works with metric as well as empirical units such as feet and inches.
  • Asynchronous Transaction
  • Synchronous Transaction

  • Batch
  • Asynchronous Transaction
  • Synchronous Transaction
  • $validate
  • $everything Patient
  • $document Composition
CAPABILITYSTATEMENT Auto-generated capability statement with all supported profiles and search parameters
  • Structure. Check that all the content in the resource follows the structure from the target profile and nothing extra is present.
  • Cardinality. Check that the cardinality of all properties follows the profile (min. & max.).
  • Binding. Check that codes provided in the code/Coding/Codeable Concept types exist in the bound terminology.
  • FHIRpath. Check that all FHIRPath constraints in the profile aren't violated. The FHIRPath spec is extended with custom callbacks. / (Full support for FHIRPath in validations)
  • Slicing. Check that elements of a list follow the constraints of the profile.
TERMINOLOGY TerminologyCapabilities
  • CRUD
  • Operations
  • - $lookup
    - $validateCode
  • CRUD
  • Operations
  • - $expand
    - $validateCode
SNOMED / LOINC support
  • Bulk Export. To speed up processing, we do not go through the entire database, because already have denormalized patient compartment records.
  • Bulk Import - importing a lot of data
FHIR SUBSCRIPTIONS The client can subscribe to any resource change and receive notifications by email, REST API, sms or web-sockets.FHIR subscriptions work with usage of event-streaming queue engine (on top of Kafka).
Security & Access Control
Pluggable security module supporting OAuth 2.0, OpenID Ory Hydra, Keycloak are supported out of the box. Any other tool can be easily connected.
Setup and Infrastructure
SMART on FHIR Support of SMART on FHIR: standalone app launch, and backend services.
Multitenancy A single software instance can serve multiple, distinct user groups.